Municipal Law

Municipal Law

Municipal law involves law at many different levels including state, regional, and local law. Municipal law can impact small business, education, taxes, real estate, and more.  With many entities and areas of the law involved, municipal law can be complex and often difficult to navigate.

At Allen & Baughman, we understand these complexities, and we seek to guide our clients with the utmost assurance as they walk through challenges and face decisions. Members of our firm have served, and do serve, as Village Solicitors, Village Prosecutors, and Counsel for Regional Water Districts and Water Companies.

Municipal law can include the following areas:

  • Bylaws
  • Ordinances
  • Land Use
  • Municipal Charters
  • Municipal Corporations
  • Police Power
  • Prosecution of Criminal Offenses
  • Solicitors
  • Water

If your Village, City, Water District or other governmental entity is in need of representation or assistance relating to any of these items, contact us to schedule your consultation today.